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At 1on1wholesale we believe we are the best, but if you don't want to take our word for it, take at look at what our customers have to say about us:

  “Since we started working with 1on1 many years ago, we have found them to be the most helpful and customer focused company within our industry. They have always taken time to establish our needs as an independent store and have supported us wholeheartedly, not selling for the sake of selling, but treating us with empathy and understanding enabling us to run a customer focused, friendly store. Nothing is ever too much trouble and the sales team go above and beyond to help us with our business and support us wholeheartedly. Thanks you guys for all your help over the years and for helping us to become what we are today......we couldn't have done it without you!! Every single member of this amazing team rock!!”  Tracey Whitmore- Vibez Adult Boutique


"Working with Net 1on1 has been a great partnership. Their ordering process and order tracking is easy to use, understand and works well every time! However what makes the working relationship special is the team, they are very supportive and their customer service is superb".Joe Carri, Belle De Soir


"You send orders quickly and respond to contact that I make with your company quickly and efficiently. An excellent all round service, and good customer care - you listen to our comments/observations and change if necessary. Shows no prejudice to small companies - other suppliers do and therefore lose our business. Now we are growing they will be the ones to lose."
Keith, Hampshire
"Firstly (and most importantly) the range and quality of stock is superb. Real care and attention seems to go into making sure the best new lines are brought in regularly." "All things considered, Net1on1 provide outstanding customer service. I would recommend them to anyone, either starting out in the adult toy industry or unhappy with their current supplier."
David, Lancashire

 "Very fast order to delivery turn around. Easy to use, attractive website. Friendly, helpful staff. All round pretty bloody good service really."

Russell, Kent

 "Customer service easy to get through to, very friendly and efficient. Fast and accurate delivery. Correct, clear and concise invoicing"

Laura, South London

 "After shopping around with other suppliers, I now find that around 80% of our stocked products come from Net1on1. "They have an easy to use, very informative website and have a personal touch that really does keep me coming back."

Mick, South Yorkshire

 "Out of all the suppliers I deal with you are leagues ahead of the others…that's a fact." The level of service you offer is first class. Helpful, enthusiastic and prompt. What more could anyone want?"

Lyndon, West London

 "We spent approximately six months visiting and comparing various suppliers within the UK. We choose to buy from Net1on1 because of their competitive pricing and their stock holding." "Our company was formed in 2003, as a party plan company we have presented our products at approximately 2000 parties. In the early days MF Trading could not hold a warehouse full of stock and so relied upon our supplier Net1on1 to have the right stock on the shelves and be able to supply quickly."

Mark, MF Trading, Hampshire