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We, at Net1on1, want nothing more than to make you (and all our other customers) happy and cater to all your supplier needs. Having a smooth website experience and a basepoint to sort out all your stock-related business needs is, of course, an important part of that, so we are constantly updating, refreshing, adding new features to our site. Due to this, there might be shortcuts that you haven’t even heard about even if you use our site daily. Or perhaps you are just starting out and a bit overwhelmed by all the options available.

Either way, the following tips and recommendations should help you have an effortless and straightforward stock management and ordering experience with Net1on1. So, read on to find out all the ways we can make your (business) life easier.


Tips for Dropshippers

Batch Payment for Multiple Dropship Orders

If you have a lot of dropship orders to put through and would like to save some time on the checkout, you can select the “Pay Later with Batch Pay” option as your payment method. Once you placed all the orders that you needed to, you can go to the Batch Orders menu point on your account and pay for all orders at once. This cuts down on the time you would spend on checking out on each order one by one and shortens the ordering process too. Don’t forget though, orders where you check out with the Batch Pay option arrive to us as Pending, so you will need to make a payment for them before they can be dispatched. For maximum comfort and convenience, you can even place your dropship orders throughout the day as they arrive to you, and then settle them all just before our 4pm cut off time.



Your Company Logo on Your Customers’ Packing Slip

Using a dropship service can save you a lot of hassle when it comes to stock storage and management as well as picking and packing. However, it may emerge as a cause for concern that your company won’t be able to establish a brand identity or maintain a personal touch with their customers without a customised invoice or order sheet that is afforded to business who pack their own orders.Fear not, you can easily upload your dropship logo to your account which we will print on the packing slip of every dropship order you send through us – making your customers’ experience more personal and connected to your company, your brand. Just log in to your account, select Dropship Logo from the left-hand side menu of your Dashboard and upload your logo image from your hard drive. For best results on the packing slip, upload the logo as a jpg image that is 256 x 86 pixels. The system will accept other sizes and formats, but these might turn out distorted on the packing slip.


Useful Tips for All Customers

Upload Our Product Catalogue and Keep Up to Date with Stock Levels

Once your account is approved and you had a good browse around our site to familiarise yourself with products and prices, you will be understandably eager to upload our catalogue to your site and get selling. One of the easiest way to do this is by downloading one of the live CSV or XML feeds from your Download page and use them in conjunction with the image file that contains pictures for all our products. Just log in to your account, choose Download from the left-hand side menu of your Dashboard and select the file or feed most appropriate for your needs.

On the top of the page you will find an Image Download button. This lets you save a large zip file that contains images for our entire product catalogue. You will need a software such as WinRAR to extract the files, but you will be able to select what pictures to unpack so you can save some hard drive space.

The first Product Feed contains all active products and discontinued products with available stock. In this feed you will find complete product information including description, brand, weight, size, materials, RRP, barcode and so forth. You can use this to upload the entire catalogue in one go and edit fields such as the description on your own admin surface.

If you’d like to fine-tune your upload, you can choose one of the other available feeds that either remove all discontinued products or takes PayPal’s restrictions into account.

All these feeds contain the product image filename as found in the image file mentioned above, so you can use them in conjunction to get your catalogue up and running as quickly and smoothly as possible. The feeds also contain a URL to download image from us in case your system supports this method of downloading images.

To update your stock levels and sync them with ours, you can download the Stock Feed available just underneath. This feed contains only minimal information (SKU code and stock quantity) so it will take a lot less time to upload and sync your site than if you used the full product feed.

If your website is based on WordPress (WooCommerce plugin), please get in touch with us at [email protected] as we will be able to send you an API-client that, once correctly implemented by you or your developer, will handle catalogue upload, stock sync and order import/export.


Jazz Up Your Site with Official Brand Logos and Professional Marketing Banners

Get the visuals right on your website by adding a professional touch. We have brand logos available for download, so you can shout loud and proud about all the great brands you stock or list and you can find a large selection of banners too that can help your site stand out from the competition.

Just log in to your account and select Resources from the menu on the top of the page. Browse official brand logos in alphabetical order or pick from dozens of professionally designed banners. Click on your selected file name, choose folder on your hard drive and save.

We have banners available in a variety of shapes and sizes, you can check the file name for specification:

    • Box banners are square shaped (four equal sides), can be used as buttons on the side of your website linking to the advertised product or range
    • Skyscraper or side banners are long rectangle that is roughly the size of two box banners arranged vertically, can be used on the side of your website linking to the advertised product or range
    • Header or leaderboard banners are thinner than normal banners, and therefore great to use at the top of category or brand landing pages


Use Quick Add to Create Orders Easily from Your Dashboard

Whether you are placing a dropship or a wholesale order, chances are you know exactly what you
want to or need to purchase. Thankfully, with the Quick Add feature you can create orders
effortlessly from your Dashboard. Just log in, locate and click the big red Quick Add button on your
Dashboard and start typing either the name or the SKU of the desired item. You will be able to select
from a dropdown menu that shows product images, so even if you don’t know the exact name, you’ll
still be able to find what you were looking for. Enter the desired quantity, click “Add item” to enter
more SKUs and click Add to Cart if you are finished adding items. You will then be able to review
your basket and proceed to checkout as usual.


Tips for Wholesalers

Tiered Pricing for Greater Discounts

Stock up and save at the same time on bestselling products with our tiered pricing option. Once you
have a feel for what sell best for you and you want to keep a good stock level of those lines, you
should check out our Tiered Pricing category. The page is filled with products where we offer levels
of discount depending on the number of units you purchase. Just log in, navigate to the Tiered
Pricing category, click on any product, and scroll down to see our Box Deals. Add to your cart a
quantity that will qualify you for the discount, finalise your order and proceed to checkout as usual.
You can double check the percentage of discount you’ve received on your shopping cart page.




Our Brands

  • Tenga Ltd
  • Aries Ram
  • Body Action
  • Fifty Shades
  • We-Vibe
  • Kheper Games
  •  Vibe Therapy
  • KY
  • Loving Joy
  • Loving Joy
  • Sliquid
  • ID Lubricants
  • Toy Joy
  • LELO
  • Nasstoys
  • Spencer & Fleetwood
  • California Exotics
  • Doc Johnson
  • Pipedream Products
  • Shots Toys
  • Seven Creations
  • Screaming O
  • Rocks Off Ltd
  • Pasante Healthcare Lt
  • Male Edge
  • Electrastim
  • Bound to Tease
  • California Fantasies
  • Basix
  • Leg Avenue