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Downloads and Resources

Our data feeds are available in two different file types; An XML file which is best suited to automatically linking your shopping system to our data, and a CSV feed.

You can get help using XML at the W3Schools website. CSV files can be viewed in any text editor but are more readable in popular programs such as Microsoft's Excel or Open Office.

We find that more systems support a CSV format file, so this is generally the best choice if you are not sure which to use.  The XML feeds have multiple category information, but are less supported by other eCommerce systems.



You can download a zip file of all our product images via this link.


Product Information 'Data Feeds'

Download the full list of Product information here. These feeds contain all active products and includes discontinued products with stock.  Discontinued products with zero stock remain ont this feed for a short while (aprox 24h).


Download the full Active Products list here. These feeds contain only active products removing discontinued. Discontinued products are removed from these feeds once they reach zero stock.


Download the Discontinued Products feed. These feeds contain ALL Discontinued products, including both out of stock and "end of line" products.


Download the PayPal friendly feed. This feel contains all active products (including discontinued with stock) that are safe for sale on paypal.


Stock Data

Stock feed. This feed contains only minimal information to supply a speedier download for quicker processing for stock only sync.


Order Feeds

The API key is only needed to use the Order feed, as this feed requires validation to see your data.  The XML and product feeds don't need this API key and can be accessed even when not logged in.

Please login to access order status feed url.