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VR Set to Rock the Adult Industry, Be the One Who Rocks the UK with it!

VR Set to Rock the Adult Industry, Be the One Who Rocks the UK with it!
By Lili Hornyai 3 years ago 1645 Views No comments

Still hesitating if sex toys paired with virtual reality headsets worth the hype? Sceptical of the sales potential of teledildonics? Firmly believe that VR porn will never match IRL porn? Hear us out!

Japan’s first VR porn festival, Adult VR Fest 01, had to shut down prematurely due to the unexpectedly large number of visitors who turned up to fondle virtual breasts and try the newest in VR masturbation technology. The 20 lucky visitors who did get to attend the small venue reported chaos and a near-riot atmosphere as hundreds of people were left disappointed and missing out. After this successful (if slightly underestimated) testing of the grounds, the festival’s organisers have ensured VR-enthusiasts that Adult VR Fest will return in August in a bigger and better venue offering even more porn-gadgetry to gawk and grope at. But you don’t have to travel to Japan or wait till August to get your hand on the latest of VR technology! Have a look at the BKK Cybersex Cup and start stocking this revolutionary male masturbator, be and feel ahead of your time. Or need more to sway your opinion?

Too many people wanted to attend Adult VR Fest 01 (Image: The Next Web)

The festival – and its untimely cancellation – came just a few months after PornHub announced the addition of a dedicated VR category to the extremely popular adult entertainment site making it the first free porn site to feature 360-degree adult content. According to tech-industry experts, PornHub’s move could speed up consumer VR adoption by years as the VR porn industry is now estimated to worth more than 1 billion dollars by 2025. Still not convinced?

According to Google Trends data Google searches for VR porn has increased by 9900% in the last 17 months making the adult industry a frontline stakeholder in the steadily and rapidly developing technology. This would not be the first time porn will have affected the consumer tech scene though. Pornography and erotica played a vital role in VHS tapes coming out victorious from the format war with Betamax in the 1970s-80s and arguably adult content had won the Blu-Ray vs HD-DVD battle too.

Interest in VR Porn is on the up (Image:

No wonder then that Naughty America’s E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) booth attracted big crowds and hour-long queues this year as the company has showcased content filmed with a proprietary VR rig. The resulting 360-degree videos give viewers the opportunity to attend private dates with porn stars and live out their wildest fantasies. The 360-degree video, while the most popular format of VR porn at the moment, is not the only way to experience sexy virtual encounters. Interactive apps with changeable environments and fully customisable characters are now also on the rise allowing users to alter, modify and tailor their dream girl and then proceed to have some steamy fun with them.

So are you interested in investing in the future? The BKK Cybersex Cup comes with a VR headset, a motion-sensing masturbation cup and a mobile app. You can create your fantasy hook-up on your phone, pick a dream destination and select all the positions you want, then slide your mobile into the headset, open the cup and get stroking. Your stroker movements are transmitted to the app and to your cyber girlfriend creating the feeling of real cyber sex. What’s more, you can also enjoy any 360-degree porn with the BKK headset and high quality silicone stroker, so you even get more bang for your buck.

VR is on the verge of going mainstream, so stock up on the BKK Cybersex Cup now to cater to all the early adopters, enhance your catalogue with this evolutionary smart sex toy and be the first choice of retailer for all the latecomers to the VR party.