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Valentine's Day Buyers' Guide Part 1 - Laugh at First Sight

Valentine's Day Buyers' Guide Part 1 - Laugh at First Sight
By Lili Hornyai 1 years ago 5321 Views No comments

We’ve barely kicked off this year, but adult retailers across the land are already revving up for a staple sex toy industry holiday – Valentine’s Day. In the coming weeks our blog will highlight some bestsellers that your customers will be able to pick up for their lovers as kinky-naughty-cheeky alternatives to the stuffed animal-flowers-chocolate trifecta (not to say that those won’t make great additions to the main course though).

A first entry in this Valentine’s Special series, this guide will look at the funny, immature, novelty gifts that are ideal for couples who like to keep things light and fun. We all have at least one couple in our social circle that only celebrates Valentine’s Day ironically, that one couple who uses the day to do something unusual rather than something romantic.

Grab these couples by their funny bone with the following 4 products and help them celebrate an alternative Valentine’s Day this year!

Slube Water Based Bath Gel

Slube Bathtub & Play Pool Goo

There’s nothing quite like Slube out there at the moment! A slippery, slimy bath goo that can be used as full body lubricant or as a massage gel, Slube encourages uninhabited fun in the bathtub or play pool and leaves the skin smooth and refreshed. Simple to use – just mix Slube with water –, the consistency of the gel can be changed to fit your customers’ needs – go thicker by adding more crystals or thinner by adding more water. With 5 fragrances available – Strawberry Daiquiri, Gin Mojito, Pina Colada, Pure and Black Leather – all coming with a matching vibrant colour, your customers will be able to truly immerse themselves in a sexy slippery playtime this Valentine’s Day. Don’t miss out on this new fun craze, stock up on Slube now and get your customers to take a plunge in a tub of sludge!

Clone A Willy & Clone A Pussy

Clone a Willy & Clone a Pussy Chocolate Moulding Kits

For those couples who want to have their cake and eat it too, these chocolate moulding kits will help them create a perfect edible replica of their fun bits – oral was never this delicious! Perfect as a quirky Valentine’s Day activity together, the kits contain everything needed to create one sweet copy of his willy or her pussy. Of course, the final results can also be gifted as a cheeky reminder of the phrase; “I’ll eat you up I love you so!”. With a range of other, non-edible Clone-a-Willy and Clone-a-Pussy kits available, your customers can decide to opt for something even naughtier, but really, what is sexier than delightful chocolate in the shape of their favourite genitalia? Time to get cloning, so don’t get caught without these fun products this Valentine’s!

Lover’s Candy Posing Pouch & Lover’s Candy Bra

Lover's Candy Bra & Lover's Candy Posing Pouch

Let your customers relive and add a new twist to some of their childhood memories with these candy accessories. Made of those same little sweets that were used in candy bracelets some time ago, couples feeling funky this Valentine’s Day will be able to adorn their bodies with these sexy and sweet candy bras and/or posing pouches to entice their partners to a midnight feast. A cheeky gift to encourage erotic foreplay, with these “lover’s” edition garments couples will be able to dress to match each other, both in style and sugar-content. Prepare for a sugar rush, stock up on Spencer & Fleetwood’s fabulous candy underwear range and be the ultimate candy man this Valentine’s Day!

Earthly Body 3 in 1 Edible Massage Heart Candle

Earthly Body 3 in 1 Edible Massage Heart Candle

When it’s time to turn the heat up on Valentine’s Night, the Earthly Body massage candles are simply the best way to do just that. Melting just above body temperature, the candle creates a pool of lovely, warm, scented massage oil that can be poured straight on the skin without the risk of any painful sensations. Made with all-natural oils and the miracle, fix-it-all plant, hemp, these cute, heart-shaped candles will hydrate the skin while also setting the mood for something even hotter. Ideal gift for a special night in, with the Earthly Body Massage Candles there’s no smoke without fire, so make sure your customers can go boldly into the night with a delightfully scented guiding light showing the way to the bedroom.

And that was our first entry in this Valentine’s series recommending some fun and quirky gifts for couples who are children at heart. Watch this space in the following weeks for our next two lists of sensual and luxurious gifts for lovers and let us know if you have a favourite Valentine’s present that we should mention.

Have any suggestions about what we should cover next? Struggling with any product type specifically? Have any feedback on this entry? Let us know in the comments section below, we would love to hear from you!