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Buzzing Off – Top Tips and Products for a Sexy Summer Holiday

Buzzing Off – Top Tips and Products for a Sexy Summer Holiday
By Lili Hornyai 2 years ago 2984 Views No comments

Every year comes one day in the UK when the temperature hits the high 20s, the country strips naked and heads to the beach. But when this day passes, people seek out places to jet off to for their holidays where the weather is perpetually sunny and sizzling summer lovin’ is in the air.

Of course, your customers would want to take their favourite sex toys with them for any extended time they spend away in an exotic place. Whether they want to keep themselves energetic and bouncy throughout their holiday with some self-love, or they want to share long passionate nights of lovemaking with their partners, this guide should prepare you with all the best advice – the dos and don’ts of packing sex toys for air travel, the best products for kinky times abroad, how to spice things up when out and about, and more.

Sexy Summer Suitcase Suggestions

Going through airport security is always stressful, but trying to discreetly get across with a vibrator or a bottle of lubricant can be downright nerve-wracking. This shouldn’t deter your customers, though, as they can prepare ahead with the following simple steps to minimise the time spent getting the all-clear for their luggage.

Whether they are planning to pack their sex toy on their carry-on or their checked-in luggage, customers should always remove batteries from vibrating toys or engage any lock mechanism the toy may have. This will prevent random activations, that would lead to the most awkward game of “whose mobile is ringing” at the security gate.

It’s always a good idea to bag up toys in clear plastic bags, so if it comes to it and the suitcase is unpacked for a check, the item can be easily identified and kept hygienic.
Loving Joy Power Bullet Vibrator

Choosing a discreet toy as a travel companion is essential – 10 inch realistic dongs tend to make a scene when revealed in public, so small, inconspicuous vibrators or masturbators are the best bet for any traveller with kinky intents. Our favourite is the Loving Joy Power Bullet as it is pocket-sized and classically shaped, so it won’t offend even the more straitlaced airport security officer if discovered. And for men, Tenga Eggs are great portable masturbators with an innocent appearance. Small enough to stash away multiple eggs in a suitcase, your customer can pick a different texture for each day of their holidays!

There’s nothing shameful about owning a sex toy and being confident in one’s sexuality, so you should make sure your customers are happy and comfortable with their purchase, as this will help them go through security with their heads held high, even if probing eyes and hands did uncover their personal pleasure items.

Sliquid Travel Sized 2oz/59ml Lubricants

Don’t forget to upsell on travel lubes! With strict airport regulations, liquids must be in containers with just 100 millilitres of capacity, so prepping health and beauty products can be a bit of a strategic pain. Luckily, there are now lubricants available in travel-friendly sizes, so make sure to equip your customers with a bottle of 59ml/2oz Sliquid lube before their journey.

A Land Down Under

Of course, the fun doesn’t stop at getting on a plane with a bag full of sex toys and landing in a faraway land. Once there, your customers will usually want to relax, dine, go out and explore their location. But there’s no reason they shouldn’t do so with some extra spice or some added kink. With the following products and advice, you will be able to equip your customers for their cheekiest, sexiest holiday yet.

Bound to Please Clit Clip

Whether they are out sightseeing in a more urban location or spending all day at the beach, your customers can always engage in some very discreet, highly sensual and utterly hidden fun with the help of wearable toys. For example, wearing a clitoral clamp like the Bound to Please Clit Clip under their skits or dresses, will keep your female customers continuously aroused so once they crash back to their hotel room with their partner they going to be more than ready to play. Once removed, clit clamps leave the clitoris extremely sensitive to the touch so any type of sex will result in that much more pleasure.

Bound Nubuck Leather Solid Ball GagSpeaking of the hotel room, the “do not disturb” sign should help your customers avoiding any unexpected visitors during their sexy exotic romp, but it’s worth remembering that hotel walls can be thin, so the quieter they manage to stay, the better – except, of course, if being heard is half the excitement. Nevertheless, a ball gag can go a long way in keeping things silent temporarily, so why not equip your customers with a Bound Nubuck Leather Ball Gag, it’s the most luxurious way to keep quiet and carry on.

Of course, when it comes to couples’ toys to take and use abroad, your customers would want something that combines all the attributes mentioned so far: discreet, small, silent and suitable for both coupled or solo play. Our money is on the Loving Joy Versa, as it would fit in a small plastic bag, it runs on a quiet but powerful engine, it is inconspicuous in appearance, sports a feminine soft pink colour and ideal for both masturbation or to be used during sex. You’d be hard pressed to find a better travel companion than this versatile, bendy, flexible vibrator.

Loving Joy Versa Multi Purpose Flexible Vibrator

Furry Fantasy Red Fox Tail Butt Plug

Finally, if your customers are off to a rural, remote, isolated location where they can let it all hang out and go “au naturel”, why not entice them for something even wilder? With a Furry Fantasy Red Fox Tail Plug they can chase each other down like playful pups of pleasure running through fields of wheat in the naughtiest way possible. The most adventurous will appreciate this idea, while the squeamish can opt for a Bunny Tail and hop around in the privacy and safety of their hotel room.

Pro Tip: You can prep your customers for the post-holidays blues too! Why not offer them a Boob Cube or Rude Cube that they can solve on the plane back while they recollect their sexy adventures. It will soften the blow of getting back to reality and might even keep them frisky enough to crown the holiday with a homecoming homerun in the bedroom.

Have any suggestions about what we should cover next? Struggling with any product type specifically? Have any feedback on this guide? Let us know in the comments section below, we would love to hear from you!