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Tie the Knot, Get Bound, Tape Off – Get Your Kink On Part 2.

Tie the Knot, Get Bound, Tape Off – Get Your Kink On Part 2.
By Lili Hornyai 2 years ago 5493 Views No comments

Have you ever faced a tough customer enquiry? A difficult question about a product that you didn’t really know anything about? Wanted to write an awesome product description but didn’t really know where to start? In this blog series we will collect some handy information for you on product types, their uses and functions and different kinks that you can – or might already – cater to.

To kick things off, we collated a small guide to the different levels of BDSM play and the bestselling products you can offer to your customers who are looking to get into the scene – whether they are making their first steps with some light blindfolded tickling or they are looking to collar their first slave. This is by no means a comprehensive guide to BDSM, but it might help you get that pesky description done or complete a sale with a customer who is looking for your advice and product knowledge.

This is our second entry in this 5-part series about BDSM, check out the first part about Sensation Play here and watch this space for the third post next week.


By definition, bondage is the consensual binding, restriction or tying of a partner with rope, cuffs, bondage tape or restraints for erotic and/or aesthetic reasons.

Bondage often also has a role in sexual positioning during BDSM scenes by the

spreading out of body parts and the restriction of tactile sensations by the binding of arms and legs. Submissives often derive enjoyment out of the feeling of helplessness and vulnerability when they are tied up while restraint and physical immobility can also help being more present in the moment. Bondage can be as simple as a handcuff or as complex as the Japanese art of rope tying, Shibari. Of course, bondage can be combined with sensation, impact, temperature and/or electro play too and it can work wonders for teasing and edging (orgasm control).

There are many benefits of engaging in bondage sessions, including strengthened trust and respect between play partners, enhanced sensations for the bound person once their tactile senses are restricted, and an intoxicating feeling of power and control for the person responsible for the bounding.

As with most BDSM acts, communication is key in bondage and partners should agree on a safeword before restraints are put in place.

Some Bondage Terms & Expressions

Bondage bunny – refers to a person who enjoys being bound or tied up

Bondage rigger – experienced bondage master often running workshops on safe bondage practices.

Performs bondage as an art form.

Crotch rope – a rope is passed between the tied person’s legs so pressure can be applied to the genitals for both pleasurable and painful results. This is a type of stimulation bondage.

Decorative bondage – the restrained person is used as an aesthetic object (eg hanging chandelier, human furniture), also referred to as forniphilia.

Device bondage – bondage that involves the use of specialist furniture or other elaborate equipment

Hogtie – the hands and feet are tied separately and then connected with each other for a bent position

Spread eagle – the limbs of the restrained are tied to different corners of the bed (or whatever platform the tying happens on)

Here is our recommended trio of bondage accessories for anyone looking to start out in bondage:



Funky Bondage Tape – available in a wide variety of colours, this tape is comfortable to wear, easy to use and remove and it is self-clinging so the tie can remain secure as long as your customer wants it to be.


Bound to Please Bondage Rope Hemp – made from the miracle plant with a thousand uses, hemp, this bondage rope is durable, strong and secure, yet comfortable on the skin. With this product, you can offer your customers 10 metres of great quality rope that is perfect for practising Shibari.

bound-nubuck-leather-wrist restraints

BOUND Nubuck Leather Wrist Restraints – this high-quality wrist cuff is padded for extended play sessions and comes with a detachable double trigger hook chain and a padlockalbe buckle prong for ultimate security and restriction. These are premium restraints for those customers who seek the feeling of luxury without the expensive price tag (for an alternative to leather, Scandal has great fabric options such as the Scandal Collar Body Restraint).

Pro Tip: Bondage requires some precautions, preparations and considerations of safety. So, make sure to let your customers know that rope bondage and more complex types of binding require research – Shibari workshops are available nationwide.

That concludes our second entry about BDSM, but don’t forget to check back soon for our next post about Impact Play.

Have any suggestions about what we should cover next? Struggling with any product type specifically? Have any feedback on this guide? Let us know in the comments section below, we would love to hear from you!