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Buzzing Off – Top Tips and Products for a Sexy Summer Holiday

By Lili Hornyai 11 months ago 1581 Views No comments

Every year comes one day in the UK when the temperature hits the high 20s, the country strips naked and heads to the beach. But when this day passes, people seek out places to jet off to for their holidays where the weather is perpetually sunny and sizzling summer lovin’ is in the air.

This guide should prepare you with all the best advice – the dos and don’ts of packing sex toys for air travel, the best products for kinky times abroad, how to spice things up when out and about, and more.

40% Off In The Summer Sale

By Emma Podmore 3 years ago 902 Views No comments

The Summer Season is here and Net 1on1 Wholesale have some exclusive price reductions to pass on big savings to their customers, as well as make the most of promotional opportunities while the consumer market is so active.

The popular and annual, Summer Sale which sees up to 40% off trade prices across the site on a broad range of big name brands, some of which, exclusive to Net 1on1 Wholesale.Sebastian Gonzalez, Sales Manager says,

"Summer is a great time for retailers to drive sales of travel-sized and waterproof products as the masses head off abroad on their holidays. Glass toys also perform well around this time of year as they can be cooled down for sensory play. The Summer sale is a key time to stock up on essentials while prices are low, making sure you've got a full catalogue when your customer needs it most. We also encourage our customers to keep an eye on their email inbox, as we will be sending out plenty of information via our company newsletter about other offers and deals not to be missed."

Please contact the sales team for more information on: 01727 744369.