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Be a PROstate Massage Pro - Backdoor Business Part 1.

By Lili Hornyai 2 months ago 749 Views No comments

We are kicking off our newest blog guide series with this entry on Prostate Massage. The prostate gland is often cited as the key to the ultimate male pleasure, so being able to locate it and properly stimulate it should be every modern men's goal. With the help of our brief guide here, you will be able to offer your customers expertly designed products that will help them achieve their prostate desires and also some handy tips on how to find and arouse this most sensitive and erogenous zone in their body.

In this 5-part series we will cover the emerging trend of anal play and the bestselling products you can offer to your customers who are looking to get into some backdoor play - prostate massage, pegging, butt plugs, double penetration and appropriate lubrication will all be discussed in the coming weeks, so watch this space!

VR Set to Rock the Adult Industry, Be the One Who Rocks the UK with it!

By Lili Hornyai 9 months ago 562 Views No comments

Still hesitating if sex toys paired with virtual reality headsets worth the hype? Sceptical of the sales potential of teledildonics? Firmly believe that VR porn will never match IRL porn? Hear us out!