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Boot-Lickin' Good - Get Your Kink On Part 5.

By Lili Hornyai 1 years ago 3789 Views No comments

In this final post in our BDSM guide blog series, we will discuss Master/Slave relationships and the careful communication, consideration and negotiation that goes in them. With this handy guide you will get a brief picture of what types of training Slaves receive from their Masters and what products you can offer to an aspiring sub or dom who asks for your advice.

This is our fifth and final entry in this blog series about BDSM, check out the first part about Sensation Play here, the second entry about Bondage here, the third post about Impact Play here, and the fourth post about Electrical Play here.

Swim with the Electric Current, Dream of Electric Sex - Get Your Kink On Part 4.

By Lili Hornyai 1 years ago 3134 Views No comments

In this post, we will take detour from strictly BDSM and explore erotic electrostimulation. A mysterious part of the sex toy industry for many, with this handy guide you will be able to advise your customers about base units, accessories and other electro-equipment. The post will also discuss how electrostimulation feels like and what should customers consider in regards to safety before getting their first sexy jolt.

This is our fourth entry in this 5-part series about BDSM, check out the first part about Sensation Play here, the second entry about Bondage here, the third post about Impact Play here and watch this space for our fifth and final post next week.

Get Your Kit ON for Christmas with California Exotics Kits

By Tony Gonzalez 3 years ago 1587 Views No comments

Net1on1 announce the addition of the 'Kits' range to their existing, diverse portfolio of California Exotics pleasure products.

The 'Kits' range consist of four different pleasure kits for him ('His'), for her ('Her') and for couples ('Ours'). The 'Kits' provide the perfect starter products for those looking for both health and wellness, and personal exploration.

The inclusive 'Kits' provide something for everyone, offering timeless classics and new pleasure products for the user to explore. Net1on1 Head of Sales Danielle Warn had this to say:

'I took on the range as I thought they not only represent great value for money but customers are keener to buy kits as they feel they get more bang for their buck. Each kit consists of Cal Exotics best sellers, which are also some of our best sellers. I really like the packaging and they would make a good display for stores and they are also easy items to ship mail order. With Christmas just around the corner they make an excellent addition to our customer's product ranges for the festive period, as well as all year round'

Sebastian Gonzalez, Head of Sales added:

'Our customers have been requesting more kits as they represent excellent value for money. They are the perfect gift for the person who wants to experiment with different types of toys be it bondage, prostate massage or anal play or are simply unsure which toy to buy for their partner'

The kits are available as:

His- Essential Pump, Masturbation, Prostate Training and Ultimate Sta-Hard.

Hers- Anal, G-Spot, Kegel and Clit

Ours- Fetish, Romance, Date Night and Weekender

California Exotic Kits are available to order now from, For more information on the 'Kits' range, e-mail:[email protected] or call our sales team on 01273 830280