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Valentine's Day Buyers' Guide 2018 Part 1 - Laugh at First Sight

By Lili Hornyai 6 days ago 117 Views No comments

Grab your customers by their funny bone this Valentine's Day with our product recommendations! The first entry in our 3-part Valentine's series, this guide will help your customers celebrate in a quirky, unusual, playful style. So read on and stock up on the following 4 products for a truly laughable Valentine's in 2018!

Tie the Knot, Get Bound, Tape Off – Get Your Kink On Part 2.

By Lili Hornyai 10 months ago 2223 Views No comments

In this post in our new BDSM guide series we will explore the practice of bondage, the different equipment that can be used for erotic consensual restriction and also, how to best advise your customers who wish to engage in some tied up, bound, kinky fun. We will cover some basic vocabulary related to bondage and also list three bestsellers that you can offer to your customer to get them started.

This is our second entry in this 5-part series about BDSM, check out the first part about Sensation Play here and watch this space for the third post next week.

It All Starts with Vanilla - Get Your Kink On Part 1.

By Lili Hornyai 10 months ago 1829 Views No comments

Have you ever faced a tough customer enquiry? A difficult question about a product that you didn’t really know anything about? Wanted to write an awesome product description but didn’t really know where to start? In this blog series we will collect some handy information for you on product types, their uses and functions and different kinks that you can – or might already – cater to.

To kick things off, we collated a small guide to the different levels of BDSM play and the bestselling products you can offer to your customers who are looking to get into the scene – whether they are making their first steps with some light blindfolded tickling or they are looking to collar their first slave...

Valentine's Day - 6 great tips for businesses

By Tony Gonzalez 2 years ago 2317 Views No comments

February 14th is a magical day for couples, filled with equal measures of romantic gestures and naughty bedroom antics. Loved up partners are busy planning their day, so how can you make sure that your business gets in on the action? We’ve created these 6 handy tips to help your business thrive this February.