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Valentine's Day Buyers' Guide 2018 Part 3 - Hotline Bling

By Lili Hornyai 2 months ago 411 Views No comments

Prepare and stock up for this Valentine's Day with our bestselling adult toys and sexy gifts! Become your customers' supplier of pleasure and splendour with the following 4 items, and let our last entry in this Valentine's Buyers' Guide series lead you through a cave of wonders filled with jewels, trinkets and treasures for a truly sparkly 14th of February.

Buzzing Off – Top Tips and Products for a Sexy Summer Holiday

By Lili Hornyai 10 months ago 1530 Views No comments

Every year comes one day in the UK when the temperature hits the high 20s, the country strips naked and heads to the beach. But when this day passes, people seek out places to jet off to for their holidays where the weather is perpetually sunny and sizzling summer lovin’ is in the air.

This guide should prepare you with all the best advice – the dos and don’ts of packing sex toys for air travel, the best products for kinky times abroad, how to spice things up when out and about, and more.

Boot-Lickin' Good - Get Your Kink On Part 5.

By Lili Hornyai 1 years ago 3523 Views No comments

In this final post in our BDSM guide blog series, we will discuss Master/Slave relationships and the careful communication, consideration and negotiation that goes in them. With this handy guide you will get a brief picture of what types of training Slaves receive from their Masters and what products you can offer to an aspiring sub or dom who asks for your advice.

This is our fifth and final entry in this blog series about BDSM, check out the first part about Sensation Play here, the second entry about Bondage here, the third post about Impact Play here, and the fourth post about Electrical Play here.

Tie the Knot, Get Bound, Tape Off – Get Your Kink On Part 2.

By Lili Hornyai 1 years ago 3087 Views No comments

In this post in our new BDSM guide series we will explore the practice of bondage, the different equipment that can be used for erotic consensual restriction and also, how to best advise your customers who wish to engage in some tied up, bound, kinky fun. We will cover some basic vocabulary related to bondage and also list three bestsellers that you can offer to your customer to get them started.

This is our second entry in this 5-part series about BDSM, check out the first part about Sensation Play here and watch this space for the third post next week.


By Tony Gonzalez 3 years ago 1185 Views No comments

The stunning new range of products from Bound to Please is now available to order from Net1on1 Wholesale. The range includes:

  • 10m dark grey soft bondage rope made from 100% cotton
  • A beautiful grey and black leather paddle.
  • Sumptuously soft to the touch suede floggers with a two tone black and grey handle in 2 different sizes.
  • Wrist restraints in a black outer with dark grey inner complete with clips and chain
  • Ankle restraints in a black outer with dark grey inner complete with clips and chain
  • Collar in a black outer with a grey inner complete with ring
  • Ball Gag in a black outer with grey inner complete with a hypoallergenic silicone ball gag.

For display purposes the range comes packaged in a sealed plastic bag, with a tag containing product information and barcode attached to the product.

Danielle Warn head buyer for Net1on1 Wholesale commented on the range:

"The New Bound to Please product range is a great addition to our ever expanding Bondage category. The range looks slightly harder and edgier than our Bound to Tease products and with its distinctive Black and Grey colouring it stands out from the crowd. The pricing represents excellent value for money and the quality is first class. It is a great addition to our Bound to Please range, and will look stunning as a range in bricks and mortar and online stores"

The range is available to order now from

For more information on the fabulous Bound to Please range, e-mail: [email protected] or call our sales team on 01273 830280