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On the Rise – Penis Enlargement: The Benefits and Best Methods

On the Rise – Penis Enlargement: The Benefits and Best Methods
By Lili Hornyai 1 years ago 1975 Views No comments

While the average erect penis length was found to be around 5.16” (13.12cm) in a 2015 study, a substantial portion of men feel insecure and unsure about their size regardless of their actual measurements. One survey even suggested that out of 50000 men, nearly half would like a larger penis, and this concern is apparently far more likely to appear among men who otherwise have completely normal, average-sized members than among those who have slightly smaller ones. This shows that the unrealistic body expectations posed by both mainstream media and pornography don’t just affect women’s self- and body image, but men’s too, who are sometimes even willing to go under the knife just to gain a couple of inches.

Penile implants and other surgical enlargement methods, however, are both costly and risky, so the sex toy industry has been catering to this demand with alternative, non-invasive products for decades to help men become more confident and happy with their penises. And while some studies suggest that women couldn’t care less – 85% of women asked on a large online survey were happy with their partners’ size – and are more concerned with technique, perhaps the motion of the ocean will follow once a decent sized boat is secured.

Clinically it is suggested that men’s insecurity about their size is all in the head and that the issue have relatively simple solutions such as trimming pubic hair and losing weight.

Furthermore, experts have noted that when men look down at their own tools, they will always perceive it to be shorter than others’ that they would see from a sideway view. However, penis anxiety can seriously affect men’s lives to the point where they would avoid activities, social contact and forming new relationships. It is detrimental to their mental health to perceive themselves smaller and due to this, many turn to drastic solutions.

Thankfully, there are various other methods that your customers can explore before considering cosmetic surgery and with this handy guide you will be able to advise them just what route for growth is the best for them.

Penis Pumps

Penis PumpsPenis pumps provide an accessible and effective method for penis enlargement as well as they can be used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. By creating a vacuum around and pumping blood in to the penis,the columns and chambers of tissues that form the shaft stretch and with continuous, daily pump use, they can permanently grow and expand so men can see positive gains in both girth and length.

Bathmate Original Hercules Penis Pump

While most penis pumps use suction and air successfully to provide both temporary and long-lasting solutions, a particular innovation is making the biggest splash in the penis enlargement world: water-power! Bathmate's hydropumps promise 1-3 inches of permanent growth after just 3 months of regular workout. Your customers will be able to integrate their pumping sessions with their daily hygiene routine effortlessly as the best time and place to use Bathmate is – you guessed it! - in the bath.

Get your customers to pump it up and let them gain that masculine confidence and strength that they seek with one of our bestselling penis pumps or read on to see what other penis enlargement options and products you can offer in your store and online.

Pro Tip: Make sure to offer the Bathmate Trim to your customers, a neatly kept crotch will help them create a better seal with the pump and therefore, they'll be able to get the best out of their pumping sessions.

Creams & Sprays

Doc Johnson Plump Enhancement Cream for Men

While there's some contradicting information out there about the scientific claims of penis enhancer potions, there's no denying that by encouraging and increasing blood-flow to the penis, the aforementioned chambers within the shaft (Corpora Cavernosa and Corpus Spongiosum) can expand and produce harder, stronger and long-lasting erections. Containing natural ingredients, these creams and sprays employ a myriad of aphrodisiacs and stimulants like Ginseng, Saw Palmetto, and Epimedium to improve blood circulation and aid sexual performance.

Enlargo Development Cream for Men

Globally popular penis development cream, Enlargo, is probably one of the most well-known creams that promises increased penis size and improved overall sexual enjoyment. Boasting ingredients like Horny Goat Weed and Muira Pauma Bark Extract, this bestselling enhancer doesn't just work on the firmness and size of men's erection, but provides a libido and sexual virility boost so your customers can get the best out of their newly gorged bulge.

An additional benefit of the use of creams and sprays, according to physicians, is the increased awareness and self-exploration that comes with the everyday casual handling of the penis. This, in turn, can increase confidence and self-knowledge making your customers all around happier with their body image. Let them discover the perfect potion for their needs in your store, offer a good Enhancers category from our catalogue and read on to learn about the most scientific way to go about penis enlargement.

Pro Tip: Creams and sprays can be combined with the use of pumps to create truly impressive erections for those very special nights.

Traction Method Penis Extenders

Jes Extender Original Standard Comfort

Originally developed for the correction of Peyronie's disease, Male Edge and Jes Extender are currently the only penis enlargement systems in the world using the traction method. These devices work by applying a steady stretch to the penis which makes tissue cells divide and multiply. With continuous use, this leads to natural tissue growth and therefore significant gains in both penis length and girth.

Male Edge BasicMale Edge gained the approval of the British Journal of Urology Research too when in a study conducted by Italian doctors, it was found to be a proven and permanent penis enlargement tool. The high quality build, materials and design is a staple of the Danish brand that holds a worldwide patent for its successful penis extenders.

Treat your customers to a truly riskless, non-invasive and effective method of penis enlargement with the Male Edge and Jes Extender ranges that both offer up a variety of sets with different accessories and parts.

Pro Tip: Penis enlargement is a form of self-improvement on par with going to the gym. So highlight the physical and mental health benefits to your customer if they seem reluctant to invest in their penis size. After all, it's their best friend through thick and (hopefully) thicker.

That's it, you are all set to increase the average penis size of the nation! But don't forget to stock up on Clone-a-Willy – your customers will want to document and immortalise their new, improved schlong with the perfect vibrating or chocolate replica of their pride and joy.

Have any suggestions about what we should cover next? Struggling with any product type specifically? Have any feedback on this guide? Let us know in the comments section below, we would love to hear from you!