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On the Versatility of Sex Toys

On the Versatility of Sex Toys
By Lili Hornyai 3 years ago 9414 Views No comments

Have you ever thought about all the different ways a sex toy can be used? No, for once we are not talking about revolutionary toys like the Lingox Triple that you can use to pleasure yourself and someone else at the same time (masturbator & dildo in one). We are not even talking about the award winning Doxy Massager that you can use either as a sport massager or as a clitoral stimulator to the same end-goal of stress relief. No, we are talking about the versatility of sex toys in non-sexual situations, and here are 4 inspiring examples.

1. Dil-do It Yourself

Take the classic suction cup dildo for example. Realistic or not, a dildo is often only as good as its suction cup. Fix it to the floor, the wall or the ceiling, it has to stay stable enough to withstand all the battering humans can possibly give to them. But due to the size of most dongs, it is unlikely you’d find many hefty realistic replicas of male members as travel companions in women’s handbags. Well, prepare to see a lot more Doc Johnson dongs peeking out from purses and shoulder bags from now on as a video of a woman using a suction cup dildo to fix a dent on her car has gone viral recently, firmly putting the D back in DIY. Stock up on suction cup dildos now, before your local car service finds out and tells your customers how much more there is to a dong...

2. Vibrating Vocal Coach

Don’t fancy carrying a dildo around for your basic household fixes? Know any aspiring singers by any chance? While many vibrators are pretty versatile already when it comes to pleasure singers may benefit from an effective and targeted larynx massage as well. A vocal coach at the University of Alberta discovered that the best “strong, hand-held, fairly powerful vibrator” to massage tense vocal chords might just be that… a strong, hand-held, powerful vibrator from his local sex shop. While the professor embarks on developing his own hand-held massager without all the fun bits, you can stock up on your own vocal aid. Have a look at Svakom’s Echo Clitoral Stimulator, it might be able to make your customers scream an octave higher!

3. Monster Lube

Of course we are also happy to supply the wannabe filmmaker amongst you, especially if you are planning to turn your hard-earned sex toy profits into a creature feature. The crew of sci-fi classics like Alien (1979), The Thing (1982) and Predator (1987) all used KY Jelly to cover their monsters in goo. Not interested in horror? Fear not, KY is a standard tool in any special effects and makeup artist’s kit since it makes fake wounds look fresh and removes expensive latex prosthetics without damaging them. So stock up now on a variety of lubricants, especially if you are nearby Pinewood! You never know when George Lucas comes a-knocking on your door for supplies…

4. Where’s Willy?

Ready to dive even further in sex toy art or just feel like playing a cheeky round of Where’s Wally? Well, guess what, there’s an Instagram blog for that too! The group of friends behind the Subtle Dildo project claim that it is ‘an installation art project about the place of rubber in our lives’. In other words, it’s a series of pictures depicting some mates having fun while a classic, 8-inch Doc Johnson dong is peeking, hiding and waiting to be found somewhere in the background. Why not start you own Instagram art project by trying to hide a cherry Doc Johnson American Bombshell in the background of your pictures? Now there’s a challenge for you!