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Mixed Massages – The 3 Best Massage Products to Heat Up, Wind Down and Get Sexy With

Mixed Massages – The 3 Best Massage Products to Heat Up, Wind Down and Get Sexy With
By Lili Hornyai 11 months ago 2339 Views No comments

Whether as a part of foreplay or as a sexy treat on its own, sensual massage is an essential part of any couples’ bedroom antics. Massage can relief pain, stress and tension, and it’s a perfect way to set the mood for further erotic fun and play. Due to this, massage oils and accessories have been staple products within the adult industry as couples will seek out ways to add romance, intimacy and shared enjoyment into their relationships.

With a variety of options available on the market, this guide will introduce three slightly more unusual ways to get all loose and slippery. The brands below all promise extra erotic sensations, intimate bonding, heightened arousal and full-body pleasure, so read on and let your customers know how to give and get the best massage of their lives with the help of some bestselling massage oils, massage gels and other massage accessories. But first some general tips that you can pass down to your customers if they are asking for advice on how to set the perfect scene for a night of romantic and sensual entanglement.

Massage accessories, flower and candle for an authentic, relaxing massage session

Covering the Basics

Offering a thorough massage to a partner is one of the greatest gifts that can be given after a long day at work, so ensuring full comfort and relaxation is a must. While it may seem trivial, getting the room temperature, the music, the bed, the smell and the lights right can already make a huge difference. With minimal preparation the room can be warmed up, tranquil music can be put on, some candles lit, and the lights dimmed, and you already have yourself the perfect massage parlour for a relaxing time.

Paying attention to each other’s body language as well as effective verbal communication can help both partners get the most out of the session and it also can ensure that the most erogenous areas of the body are not left out. The shoulders and the neck are always a great spot to start with, but the feet, arms and buttocks shouldn’t be neglected either. The firmness of the pressure should be adjusted to personal preference, but it’s important to remember to massage the muscles, along the bones, but not across them. Using a firm but gentle touch with the palm of the hand with long rubbing strokes is the most reliable technique that will always get the satisfied moans going.

The benefits of regular massage are wide and varied – it can improve trust and intimacy between partners, boost overall physical and mental health, and enhance sex life. With the following products, however, your customers will be able to spice up their massage sessions with something truly special. Continue reading to learn about burning desire, nuru massage and play-pool escapades.

Earthly Body – Massage Oils and Candles to Nourish the Skin, Body & Soul

Earthly Body Edible Massage Oil bottles in 5 different flavours

The family-owned Californian business was founded in 1994 and has been creating naturally nourishing and nurturing personal care products ever since. All the company’s products are 100% vegan, drug- and cruelty-free and they use organic hemp seed oil that has rejuvenating and moisturizing qualities. The Earthly Body massage oils are edible and delicious so once the relaxing massage is over, your customers will be able to truly devour each other in the heat of the moment without having to worry about they lick or nibble off.

Earthly Body 3 in 1 Edible Massage Heart Candle

Even better, if your customers are interested in some mild wax play or want to try something truly tantalizing, they can get an Earthly Body massage candle. Melting just above body temperature, the candle melts into a subtly scented, but yummy tasting oil that can be poured straight onto the body. Your customers can start their massage sessions on the right foot, these candles will take care of the lighting and the scent for them, while also providing a heated oil that will immediately put their partners at ease. Truly 3 in 1, you shouldn’t let any couples leave your store without one of these in their shopping bags!

Mr Nori’s Magic Gel – Nuru Massage Gel for a Full-Body Massage Experience

Nuru massage originates from Japan and it is a type of erotic massage that requires the masseuse to use their whole body to rub and massage their partner. The word nuru means slippery, referring to the fact that both receiver and giver of the massage is covered in a nori seaweed gel that is extremely slippery. This is an incredibly intimate form of massage as it provides lot more body contact than other traditional types that only use the hand and arms.

Mr Nori's Magic Gel Authentic Nuru Massage Gel in different sizes

The Mr Nori’s Magic Gel formula is a nutritious, vitamin-rich gel that treats the skin with rejuvenating Aloe Vera, soothing chamomile and the nourishing nori seaweed that is the base ingredient of this all-natural, water-based product. With a comprehensive range of Nuru accessories, your customers will be able to get everything they need for an authentic experience, starting with an inflatable mattress that is traditionally used for nuru massage in Japan. But in case your customers don’t have the space or the budget to slide around on a large mattress, they’ll also be able to get a glossy fitted PU bedsheet that will transform their beds into a stylish playground ready for some slippery messy fun.

Mr Nori's Magic Gel Moist Nuru Massage Gel in different sizes

Both Mr Nori’s Moist and Authentic Gels are easy to use, flavour- and fragrance-free and do not stain, so clean up won’t give a headache either. Introduce your customers to the pleasures of Nuru massage, it’ll electrify their relationships with intense sensuality and give them a new, fun and erotic way to enjoy each other’s bodies.

And don’t forget, stock up on Nuru gel and you are not just catering to curious and adventurous couples, but to the emerging niche of Wet and Messy (WAM) fans who engage in sploshing and gunge play. No where’s a play-pool when you need one?!

Slube – Goo to Go

Slube Gin Mojito Water Based Bath Gel single packIf your customer is after a truly extraordinary full-body massage and an out-of-this-world experience, show them Slube. With 5 different fragrances available, this cleverly formulated product can be mixed with water to create a colourful, slippery play gel that can be used in a variety of ways. It’s entirely non-toxic, hypoallergenic, safe for internal use and condom-safe too, which makes it an ideal sexual lubricant if only preparing a small amount. Alternatively, mix some up in a bowl and it can be used as an extra slippery massage oil.

Slube Pina Colada Water Based Bath Gel - the consistency of the gel can be altered by adding more water or more crystals to the mixHowever, if your customers are really looking to splash out, tell them to mix up a whole bathtub filled with the stuff. They’ll be able to dive into a tub full of bright yellow, green, red or black goo that will tear down their inhibitions and bring out their most playful sides. It’s time to dig up that old play-pool they have in the shed, play wrestling in the leather, gin mojito or strawberry daiquiri scented gel will surely get their creative juices flowing. Or if they want to keep things simple and completely transparent, the Pure formula is colour- and scent-free so they can indulge in the naked aesthetics as well as the sensation of their partner’s body sliding and slithering around theirs.

Easy to use and clean, Slube is a unique product that encourages both playful and erotic behaviour, so make sure your customers know about it, Slubing is a full-body experience they do not want to miss.

That concludes this blog post about erotic, full-body massage, we hope you found some helpful information or maybe even learnt a new thing or two. Of course, no entry about massage can be complete without mentioning the ultra-powerful, mains operated Doxy Wand Massager, for those lazier days.

Do you have a favourite massage brand that you would like to share? Any experiences with Nuru massage or Slubing? Have any suggestions about what we should cover next? Have any feedback on this entry? Let us know in the comments section below, we would love to hear from you!