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Meet The Team

Meet The Team
By Emma Podmore 4 years ago 8107 Views No comments

Here at Net 1on1 Wholesale we have a closely-knit team of professionals who work hard to make sure that their customers have the very best experience, whether that be using the website to place orders or speaking to a team member directly for information regarding a product, we make it our business to be your partner in the Adult Industry.

With wide and varied backgrounds, not to mention years of industry experience, each of us are proud to deliver an award-winning service and continue to grow as a team year-on-year.

To contact any of the team, please email the following contacts:

Tony Gonzalez (second from right): Managing Director [email protected]

Sebastian Gonzalez (second from left): Sales Manager [email protected]

Danielle Warn (third from right): Head Buyer [email protected]

Elizabeth MacDowall (far right): Accounts Executive [email protected]

Emma Podmore (third from left): PR & Marketing Manager [email protected]

Nicole Gonzalez (centre): Administrator [email protected]