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Making a Buzz – 5 Stories About Sex Toys that Made the Headlines in October

Making a Buzz – 5 Stories About Sex Toys that Made the Headlines in October
By Tony Gonzalez 2 years ago 1604 Views No comments

October 2016 saw the press flooded with stories about sex toys, from the hilarious to the horrifying , and we’ve selected 5 of our favourites for you to enjoy.

New exhibition puts sex toys in domestic settings

We recently talked about alternate uses for sex toys, and you could safely file this little story in that department. Inspired by Fifty Shades of Grey, artist Will Ablett has created a series of photographs placing sex toys in ordinary household situations. From the cock ring being used as a napkin holder to the nipple clamp paperclips, this interesting series of images might surprise you.

Jealous man smashes up girlfriend’s vibrator

We couldn’t help but chuckle at this story. After breaking up with his long term partner, this chap from London proceeded to smash her vibrator to pieces, citing that “she loved it more than me”. Perhaps he was unfamiliar with the concept of introducing her favourite toy to their bedroom play, but no matter the reason there’s now a lady in need of a new vibrator, perhaps you can help?

Man’s penis amputated after using bottle as sex toy

In a world where the selection of male masturbators is fast increasing, we cannot believe anyone would opt for a bottle! The Rev1000, the Lingox Triple and the VR enabled BKK Cybercup are all valid options, so there is literally no need to lose your member to this negligence. See our full range of male masturbators to ensure your customers don’t hit the bottle.

Fifty Shades Darker toys available now

These great quality toys deserve the media coverage they are getting. Couples can safely recreate the erotic novel & film’s key scenes with a range of quality products. We’re proud to be the UK’s sole distributor of these products, so head over to our Fifty Shades Darker section to make the most of this hype.

Guidance on enjoying anal sex

It’s great to see useful guidance for your customers appearing in the news, and here at Net1on1 we are always looking to support the sexual health of your customers. This particular article was created in response to this story about a lady who had to visit the hospital to have a vibrator removed from her bottom, and covers everything from the choice of toy and lube, to the discussion couples should have beforehand. We have a range of anal toys your customers will enjoy, and thoroughly recommend this soothing Lubido lube for those new to anal play.

Got a better story to share? Let us know in the comments below!