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Make an Impact and Whip it Real Good - Get Your Kink On Part 3.

Make an Impact and Whip it Real Good - Get Your Kink On Part 3.
By Lili Hornyai 2 years ago 8974 Views No comments

Have you ever faced a tough customer enquiry? A difficult question about a product that you didn’t really know anything about? Wanted to write an awesome product description but didn’t really know where to start? In this blog series we will collect some handy information for you on product types, their uses and functions and different kinks that you can – or might already – cater to.

To kick things off, we collated a small guide to the different levels of BDSM play and the bestselling products you can offer to your customers who are looking to get into the scene – whether they are making their first steps with some light blindfolded tickling or they are looking to collar their first slave. This is by no means a comprehensive guide to BDSM, but it might help you get that pesky description done or complete a sale with a customer who is looking for your advice and product knowledge.

This is our third entry in this 5-part series about BDSM, check out the first part about Sensation Play here, the second entry about Bondage here and watch this space for our fourth post next week.

Impact Play

Impact play involves the repeated striking of a submissive player by a dominant one, for the enjoyment of both parties. This can mean spanking, caning, flogging and whipping and can implement a variety of different equipment from floggers, bullwhips, cat-o-nines, paddles and belts. The area that the impact is concentrated on and the material of the tool used determines the resulting sensation where larger paddles and floggers will create a “thud” while toys with a smaller surface area such as riding crops will produce a sting. Safety is paramount during impact play; the buttocks and the two halves of the upper back are the most common and safest areas for this type of BDSM act as these are largely protected by body fat and muscles.

Best Impact Play Positions

Over the knee – great for using short range tools for the spanking such as the dominant’s palms and paddles. This position also lends itself very well to some power exchange role play for even beginner BDSM players where any cheeky misbehaviour can lead to a good over the knee spank-session.

Bent over – creates more intense sensations due to the stretching of skin over the buttocks, the spanked partner

may feel more exposed

On all fours – a more humiliating position for the spanked half, sensations are intense in this position

Lying down – best for beginners, this is a comfortable position that also provides access to the dominant player to various areas of the body.

Sting or Thud

The two different sensations impact play can create are called sting and thud. Here are some key differences between the two.

Sting – this is a more piercing pain concentrated on the surface of the skin and produced by fast blows and tools with small impact areas. Sting-strikes often whistle as they move through the air and make a high ringing sound on impact. The best toys to create stingy sensations are small surface area tools like crops, rulers, spatulas, canes, and singletail whips.

Thud – this is a deeper, more penetrating pain that can be felt in the muscle and flesh, it is not concentrated on the skin. Thud blows create deep thumping sounds on impact and as the toy used to achieve them are usually bigger, they also move through the air slower. The thud sensation can be achieved with heavier toys with larger impact areas including thick floggers, paddles, and heavier belts.

Check out these implements of pleasure and pain to introduce to your spank-happy customers:


BOUND Nubuck Leather Heart Shaped Crop – with a small surface area this exquisite crop is recommended to intermediate and advanced players. The double-sided tip can provide two different sensations and the 70cm long crop will give your customers a new-found reach. The heart-shape impressions the crop will leave are great for temporarily branding or marking a submissive too.


Happy Lola Flogging Paddle – while most paddles deal a heavy thud on the targeted area, this Happy Lola paddle has a split tip that delivers a sharp sting like a viper’s tongue. The heart shape cutout decreases air resistance so the strike can be more forceful while also leaving a mark of love on the sub. Made of 100% leather, this is an ideal choice for more experienced players. (for beginners you can recommend the BOUND Nubuck Leather Padded Paddle as it offers a softer, padded side for introductory impact play)


BOUND Nubuck Leather Flogger – this beautifully crafted flogger is ideal for beginners of impact play as the 36 square-tipped, nearly 50cm long, suede falls can provide a softer sting and a lighter thud than floggers made of other materials. Due to the soft falls, this flogger can also be used for sensation play.

Pro Tip: Like most types of BDSM, impact play requires research, practice, communication and proper aftercare. Apart from verbal reinforcement and drinking water, subs may require some skin treatment after impact play, so a lotion such as the Sliquid Soul Organic Coconut Oil Moisturiser should be recommended to all customers purchasing floggers, paddles, crops or whips of any kind.

That concludes our third entry about BDSM, but don’t forget to check back soon for our post about Electrical Play.

Have any suggestions about what we should cover next? Struggling with any product type specifically? Have any feedback on this guide? Let us know in the comments section below, we would love to hear from you!