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Jack to the Future: 5 Innovative products available today

Jack to the Future: 5 Innovative products available today
By Tony Gonzalez 3 years ago 3566 Views No comments

When it comes to sex toys we’ve come a long way since the earliest known dildo was discovered, dating back to 28,000 B.C. We still have a long way to go judging by these futuristic concept designs, but what about the here and now? What pioneering products are turning heads today and providing pleasure?


A revolution in male pleasure, this gizmo is designed to give him intense orgasms, with a range of modes and functions that make using his palm and digits alone seem redundant. 2016 looks to be a big year for male masturbators with a range of products with a variety of designs and styles on the market; but what we love about this one in particular is the flexibility it provides the user in speed and sensation, allowing for an unparalleled experience. USB recharging means no more hunting around for batteries either.

BlueMotion Nex1 Bluetooth Panty Vibrator

We love how this gadget utilises smart phone technology to create discrete fun ABSOLUTELY ANYWHERE. Once synced with a mobile device it can be controlled via an iOS or Android app. This opens it up to a range of possibilities especially for couples; from keeping a romance spicy during a partner’s trip away, to a naughty date night together. Of course if you’re single you can use it completely solo, or with the wonders of smart phone dating apps get a complete stranger to control it for you.

CalExotics Silhouette S8 G-Spot Vibrator

This beautifully designed toy just scooped a Red Dot award, and here’s why. The fully flexible design allows the user to shape it to their needs, and with a built in USB rechargeable battery it’s ideal for the eco-conscious too. It’s also waterproof, so the user can take it out of the bedroom and carry on enjoying the customisable design in the bath or shower. Reviews praise the effectiveness of the combined internal and external vibrations of the product, which when combined with the product flexibility ensure this toy really hits the spot.

Femintimate Intimrelax Vagina Training Kit

Sexual health is important to us here at Net1on1, and we now stock the Femintimate range; which has allowed us to offer products designed to ensure your customers have a healthy sex life. In the past it would have been difficult for customers to obtain these products, but they are now readily available in most good sex shops, allowing women to rediscover their sex life much easier than ever before. This training kit offers 3 intra-vaginal ergonomic devices of different sizes and diameters to exercise and progressively dilate the vaginal canal. The product is a 100% natural alternative to hormonal and pharmaceutical treatment.

Tenga Smart Vibe Ring

According to a survey by Tenga, the Smart Vibe Ring improves the sex life of its users, with 91% rating their sex life at 4/5 after using the toy, compared to just 61% before using it. The simple and compact design makes it travel friendly, and ease of use makes it a must have accessory for those wanting to really enhance their sex life. Its design can be used either looped around two digits to enhance pleasure from fingering (either solo or from a partner), or as a cock ring; giving vibrating pleasure to both parties. Reviewers also praised the compact travel case, which allows the toy to be transported with ease, keeping it clean and ensuring it doesn’t take up much bag space at all.

What toys are revolutionising the market for you? With VR arriving we can expect some very exciting products on our shelves soon, as masturbation becomes a fully immersive (and technologically advanced) experience.