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It All Starts with Vanilla - Get Your Kink On Part 1.

It All Starts with Vanilla - Get Your Kink On Part 1.
By Lili Hornyai 2 years ago 3435 Views No comments

Have you ever faced a tough customer enquiry? A difficult question about a product that you didn’t really know anything about? Wanted to write an awesome product description but didn’t really know where to start? In this blog series we will collect some handy information for you on product types, their uses and functions and different kinks that you can – or might already – cater to.

To kick things off, we collated a small guide to the different levels of BDSM play and the bestselling products you can offer to your customers who are looking to get into the scene – whether they are making their first steps with some light blindfolded tickling or they are looking to collar their first slave. This is by no means a comprehensive guide to BDSM, but it might help you get that pesky description done or complete a sale with a customer who is looking for your advice and product knowledge.

This is the first entry to a 5-part series about BDSM, the second part will be posted next Monday, so watch this space!

The language of submission

Before we start the list, it’s worth clearing up what BDSM actually stands for: bondage and discipline (B&D), dominance and submission (D&S) and sadism and masochism (S&M). As you can tell, the abbreviation covers a wide range of interests and most people enjoy only some elements of the above, not necessarily all.

The BDSM community is a welcoming space guided by three watch words: Safe, Sane and Consensual. There’s no one set way for what a BDSM relationship can be, as long as the partners agree on acts that they both enjoy and get a kick out of. BDSM encounters are called “scenes” where usually a dominant and a submissive engage in various bodily experiences that may or may not involve actual sex. Headspace is an altered psychological state submissives can get into during BDSM scenes and its usually brought on by waves and spikes of adrenaline and endorphin. Aftercare and debriefing are important parts of any BDSM scene as they establish and strengthen trust and communication between play partners. Involvement with BDSM activities and the community can range from occasional experimentation to a 24/7 lifestyle.

After that very brief introduction, let’s have a look at the first, most vanilla level of BDSM that people can get involved with, including some recommendations of where to get started.

Sensation Play


Sensation play is probably the mildest form of BDSM that most couples engage in one time or another, perhaps somewhat unknowingly that it is basically a BDSM act. We can count sensory deprivation, hair pulling, tickling, temperature play and any form of teasing and denial here as they all impart sensual physical sensations upon the partner. This form of teasing can build anticipation and enhance senses all over the body and especially on erogenous zones.

Have a look at some of the products you can recommend to your novice customers interested in sensation play:


  • BOUND Nubuck Leather Blindfold – this a high-quality eye-mask made of genuine leather that ensures total sensory deprivation with a sturdy elastic strap and the comfortable inner padding. (alternatively, if the customer has an aversion to leather, recommend the Scandal Eye Mask, a double padded, double stitched fabric blindfold)

  • earthly-body-message-candleEarthly Body 3 in 1 Edible Massage Heart Candle – introduce a light form of temperature play with this massage candle that burns only slightly above body temperature so the oil can be poured straight onto the body for a sensual massage and the surprise sensation of warmth. Alternatively, if your customer is more interested in cold sensations, offer a Precious Metals anal plug that can be placed in the fridge before play for an extra freezing experience or into a bowl of warm water to raise the heat in the bedroom.


  • Happy Lola Bondage Flower – for soft bondage, there’s nothing better than some smooth silky fabric that is great for tying a partner up without introducing actual restraints. And if your customer wants to add further binds, just offer them the Happy Lola Love Ties for further variety.

Pro Tip: Sensation Play doesn’t require a lot of accessories or preparation, but can make for a unique, sensual experience for both partners, so it is ideal for couples hoping to spice up their bedroom antics without any major investment and without stepping out of their comfort zones.

That concludes our first entry about BDSM, but don’t forget to check back soon for our post about Bondage.

Have any suggestions about what we should cover next? Struggling with any product type specifically? Have any feedback on this guide? Let us know in the comments section below, we would love to hear from you!