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Hit the G(reen)-Spot! – An Eco-Friendly Sex Toy Industry

Hit the G(reen)-Spot! – An Eco-Friendly Sex Toy Industry
By Lili Hornyai 9 months ago 2268 Views No comments

Do the ins and outs of recycling still confuse you? Can’t quite imagine a plastic-free future just yet? As Kermit the Frog says, it’s hard to be green sometimes. However, with recent technological advances, innovation and an urgent need to find sustainable solutions to everyday problems, it’s getting easier and easier for us all to do our little bit for our environment.

Thankfully the sex toy industry is keeping up with the times and so eco-friendly toys, lubricants, and other accessories are now becoming ubiquitous on the market. As an industry first, Net1on1 has also pledged recently to first reduce and hopefully, eventually remove all plastic from the packagings of Loving Joy products by 2020. Our commitment to make Loving Joy’s future plastic-free will hopefully lead the way in working together with manufacturers, retailers and consumers to reduce the waste created by the adult industry.

But while we stick our heads into research and development to work out the ways we can get rid of that plastic bag and that plastic tray from our packaging, this guide will give you handy tips, ideas and bestselling product highlights that you can pass on to your customers about how to make their sexy escapades as environmentally friendly as possible.

Green Essentials – Relaxation, Lubrication, Protection

Yes Organic Water Based Personal Lubricant 100ml

When it comes to lotions and potions, we are becoming more and more accustomed to reading small font labels, rapidly sorting through the listed ingredients and spotting stamps of approval from organisations such as PETA, the Vegetarian Society and the Organic Soil Association. Consumers want to make sure that the products they purchase are ethically produced and traded, cruelty-free and organically and sustainably sourced, where possible.

Reducing our environmental impact usually comes with the added benefit of being nicer to our bodies, too – it turns out, what’s good for the planet tends to be good for us too! Brands like Earthly Body, Sliquid and YES pride themselves in offering intimate products that put the safety and comfort of their customers first and providing pure, natural options where the market lacked them before.

Sliquid Oceanics Carrageenan Natural Lubricant 125ml

Sliquid’s Organics range infuses already all-natural personal lubricants with organic aloe Vera and botanical extracts. Infamously received an endorsement from Gwyneth Paltrow on Goop, this line of high quality, nourishing products are not just for lube-connoisseurs, though. Did you know that the carrageenan included in the Sliquid Oceanics lubes has been linked in some studies with the prevention of HPV, one of the most common STDs? With Sliquid, your customers can rest assured knowing that their personal paraben- and glycerin-free satisfaction also came vegan friendly, cruelty-free, made of organic ingredients and packaged in 100% recyclable materials. Sliquid is also fighting the good fight for diversity and inclusivity – their recent partnership with adult star Buck Angel brought us the T-lube, the first daily intimate moisturizer specifically for trans-men. Now who wouldn’t want to support a brand that deeply cares about its consumers, the environment and inclusivity too?

ProTip: Latex condoms can biodegrade on landfills (not in water though), so it’s always a better idea to dispose of used condoms in a bin rather than flush them down the toilet. They don’t just wreak havoc in the sewage system but can also end up seriously harming aquatic life.

Green Materials – Silicone, Metal, Glass

Svakom Vicky Rechargeable P and G Spot Massager

Again, the interests of our planet Earth and ourselves seem to align when we look at eco-friendly sex toy materials. While silicone is a result of a series of complicated chemical interactions and reactions and distillation and synthesizing and hydrolysis and polymerization… the outcome is a durable, eco-friendly, sustainable and flexible material that just happens to also save about nine times the greenhouse gases it takes to manufacture. The body-safe and non-porous nature of silicone also makes it the safest, cleanest, best material to manufacture sex toys from.

Innovative and award-winning brands like Svakom create eco-friendly, 100% silicone products in all shapes and sizes. Your customers will be able to find a Svakom toy for whatever pleasure takes their fancy, while also sparing the environment.

Furry Fantasy Rainbow Tail Butt Plug

Similarly to silicone, no heavy chemicals or solvents are needed during the production of glass and metal sex toys either and both are recyclable too. Further to the environmental benefits, these firm materials provide a completely different sensation to the more soft and squishy variety of sex toys allowing for better targeted stimulation and more intense orgasms.

Metal is an especially well-suited material for butt plugs as it is easy to clean and keep hygienic while also provides weighty pressure stimulation that is key in anal pleasures. And as a bonus, metal plugs tend to have the most beautiful ornaments in their bases, just check out the Precious Metals range of jeweled metal anal plugs or the Furry Fantasy plugs with exquisite bushy tails for reference.

ProTip: It is essential that your customers use proper lubrication when exploring anal pleasures, so grab that up-sell opportunity and make sure they know about your YES Anal Water-Based Natural Personal Lubricant or Sliquid Naturals Sassy Anal Lubricant before they complete their purchase.

Green Electronics – Recharge Everything

Svakom Bonnie Rechargeable Flexible Dual Motor Silicone Vibrator

While recharging technology once was a feature exclusive to high end gadgets and luxury items, nowadays almost everything exists in rechargeable variety. Recharging – as you guessed – is great for the planet and happens to be really economical for consumers too.

Batteries contain substances that are extremely harmful and toxic to the environment so their use should be avoided where possible. Furthermore, frequently replacing batteries in toys can be costly and even difficult with certain obscure battery-types for customers, so recharging technology can add more convenience into their lives too. USB-recharging is also travel-friendly as it can be done either with a USB mains adapter or just by plugging the charging cable into any computer or laptop.

Svakom manufactures beautiful, 100% silicone, waterproof and rechargeable toys that need about an hour of charge for 2-3 hours of play – this is one of the industry’s fastest charging times, especially considering the infamously powerful vibrations American brand is known for.

ProTip: Of course, battery power still has its advantages, especially when there’s no easy access to a mains power source or a computer. If possible, offer rechargeable batteries to your customers buying items that need batteries to operate – this will save them money over time and keep Mother Earth happy too!

Green Bondage – Fifty Shades of Silicone

Bound to Please Silicone Paddle

BDSM has long been associated with leather – the aesthetic and smell of genuine black (or brown, ahem...) leather restraints, paddles, and other bondage gear attracts many in the fetish scene with some arguing that real leather can't be beat for its elegance, durability and authenticity in a dungeon.

However, with the steady and seemingly unstoppable rise of the number of people who follow vegetarian and vegan lifestyles, being able to offer an alternative that is free of animal-products is a must. And this is where the previously mentioned miracle material, silicone, comes into play. With the highly mouldable and flexible qualities of the material, silicone bondage accessories don't just look the part, but can provide completely different sensations than traditional leather gear.

Luxurious, tempting (and recently ETO-awardnominated), the Bound to Please silicone bondage range includes a particularly punishing spanking paddle that is becoming famed in blogger circles for its relentless and deliciously cruel nature. Thankfully silicone is also really easy to keep hygienic – one of the biggest advantages over leather –, so even messier BDSM scenes won't have to end with hours of cleaning. Your customers will appreciate the beauty, convenience and sturdiness of this range, and giving up on leather won't seem that hard anymore.

ProTip: Your eco-conscious customers can combine the silicone bondage range with our Bound to Please 100% hemp bondage rope. Hemp is one of the most sustainable plants with a wide range of industrial and commercial uses that can be grown without the use of pesticides and little-to-none fertiliser, making it truly environmentally friendly.

Green Disposal – Recycling & Composting

Gaia Biodegradable Eco Vibrator

The amount of non-recyclable waste that we produce and its eco-friendly disposal have been one of the most hotly discussed topics of the last couple of months with more and more retail outlets shuffling to reduce their plastic waste output. Plastic is an especially big issue as it can take hundreds of years for it to breakdown naturally on landfills or worse yet, it can end up in our oceans killing the nautical wildlife. Recycling is a great option to re-use and re-purpose items and trash that are no longer functional or needed.

While most sex toys are already recyclable in the UK via electrical rubbish bins or electrical recycling centres, many still feels too embarrassed to use these facilities when it comes to their intimate toys. Blush Novelties proposes composting as a potential solution as their Gaia vibrator is the world's first biodegradable sex toy. Completely biodegrades in 47-90 days in a composting facility, the Gaia provides an eco-friendly option to consumers and a great talking point to sales staff on shop floors. This beautiful and ecological product is made of BioFeel, a cornstarch-based polymer compound, the production of which requires less energy and therefore produces fewer greenhouse gases too. The Gaia truly spares the environment during its entire lifespan – from production to discard. Now that will surely please your most eco-conscious customers!

ProTip: There are some really admirable developments in the industry where companies offer to be the middleman between the consumer and the recycling facility – removing the shame that may be associated with the disposal of such items. Let's all work together for a greener, more sustainable future!

These were our green tips, ideas and suggestions, but now let's hear about your favourite eco-friendly sex toys, organic lubes or vegan wrist restraints?

Have any suggestions about what we should cover next? Struggling with any product type specifically? Have any feedback on this entry? Let us know in the comments section below, we would love to hear from you!