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Net1on1's Ultimate Christmas Sex Toy Gift Guide 2018 - Part 1.

By Lili Hornyai 3 months ago 1095 Views No comments

While some may find it unimaginable to gift serious adult products for Christmas, there's definitely more to the festive season then prank office gifts and Secret Santa jokes. With Net1on1's comprehensive gift guide you will be able to advise just about any customer that comes through your door or mailbox this Christmas.

This is the first half of a two-part guide, so watch out for the next article to be published shortly.

You're BOUND to love our new range of bondage products...

By Tony Gonzalez 3 years ago 1817 Views No comments

We are set to grab the bondage accessories market by the leash with our new range: BOUND, a thrilling brand of professional leather gear for serious subs, masters and mistresses.

The new line is the latest addition to our established Loving Joy brand and is designed for serious dominants, submissives and those wanting to take bondage to the next level.

Available to purchase now from our website, BOUND features leather products that are soft and padded for comfort, but sturdy for advanced and lengthy play, including high-quality crops, blindfolds, leashes, hog ties, ball gags, paddles, floggers, collars, ankle cuffs and wrist cuffs.


By Tony Gonzalez 3 years ago 4217 Views No comments

Prepare for an all-new electro sex experience with the ElectraStim Jack Socket Electro Stroker. This revolutionary men's sex toy combines the unmistakable sensations of e-stim with the intensely pleasurable stroking action of a realistic male masturbator. Apply electro conductive gel (included) via the side ports to ensure the ultimate stimulation. Then lubricate the sleeve/penis and slide inside, using stroking, squeezing and twisting actions to adjust speed, pressure and intensity of massage. Use your ElectraStim stimulator to adjust the strength and pattern of the electro sensations. The internal sleeve is made from a realistic TPE material that moves and feels similar to skin. The Electro-Intense' texture features full and thick bumps that expertly massage and the open-ended design allows personal and couples interaction. A unique orgasmic experience awaits with our unique ElectraStim Jack Socket Electro Stroker.


  • Inner sleeve length: 4 inches, orafice minimum diameter: 1 inch, orafice maximum diameter: 1.75 inches / Boxed: 8 x 4.5 x 4.5 inches
  • Size (Metric) Inner sleeve length: 10 cm, orafice minimum diameter: 2.5 cm, orafice maximum diameter: 4.5 cm / Boxed: 20 x 11.5 x 11.5 cms
  • Material Outer sleeve - medical grade silicone, TPE inner sleeve, conductive rubber inserts
  • Weight 0.5600gms


By Tony Gonzalez 3 years ago 1872 Views No comments

Join The Rolling Stones of male masturbation technology and innovation with Lingox’s amazing TRIPLE Extreme and feel like a true rock star with an ever-willing groupie.

The TRIPLE is the only masturbator on the market that has its tongue sticking out which guarantees an exquisitely realistic oral sex experience every time. The inner sleeve is formulated from the company’s exclusive super-soft registered formula, Re-Evolution Skin Material Lingox® and it is shaped to fit and adapt to any size. The innovative inner air regulation system allows you to explore different suction intensity levels with the simple twist of an outer ring. The ergonomic handle top ensures a perfect grip and control over your stroking and it can also be used as a dildo to give or receive pleasure with a partner. The modern, trendy packaging and the TRIPLE’s distinct but overall inconspicuous design makes it the perfect bedside table companion for any man.


  • Antibacterial
  • Latex Free
  • Non-Toxic
  • Antimicrobial


By Tony Gonzalez 3 years ago 1127 Views No comments

The SVR is a high-powered, quiet, rechargeable and waterproof cockring with an elegant design for no-nonsense, serious pleasure.

Available in three colors:

• Black
• Pearl White
• Carmine


  • 5 vibration strengths and 2 rhythm modes
  • Powerful motor last 60 minutes
  • Charge time 60 minutes
  • Waterproof up to 50cm
  • Easy to clean and usable in the bath
  • Item includes: Smart Vibe Ring, Travel Case, USB Cable
  • Charging light turns on when charging, turns off when charged
  • Give your fingers an extra boost in sensations
  • Compact and Light at only 90mm and 25g
  • Made from FDS approved Body Safe Silicone with durable stretchiness
  • Ring diameter 31mm at rest

Net 1on1 Wholesale First To Supply Adrien Lastic In The UK

By Emma Podmore 4 years ago 3134 Views No comments

In a move which will expand the wholesaler's luxury product category, Net 1on1 Wholesale have partnered with Spanish manufacturer and brand Adrien Lastic to stock their line of high quality solo and couple's toys.

The uniquely designed products feature a wide range of functions and offer a new take on stimulating erogenous zones with product features which work with the body's natural shape to deliver pleasure. Made from high quality silicone and ABS, the range is also body-safe, non-porous and phthalate free offering comfort and piece of mind during use

The newly added collection includes vibrators, couple's rings, strap-ons, bullets, and vibrating eggs with a selection of the products operated via an included, wireless remote control, all of which supplied in modern, secure packaging which is easy to merchandise.

Danielle Warn, Head Buyer for Net1on1 Wholesale says,

"I wanted to be able to provide more female-focused products and supply the demand for rechargable, silicone products too. Adrien Lastic's range features some really innovative designs that caught my eye, which makes them unique and recognisable, they also offer excellent margins which our customers will benefit from greatly. The products are not stocked by anyone else in the UK currently, so we decided to fill the gap in the market and provide our customers with a brand that's already building a following in Europe."

Adrien Lastic is now available to order from Net 1on1 Wholesale. Please contact the sales team for details on: 01727 830280.

Net 1on1 Bowled Over By Doxy Skittle

By Emma Podmore 4 years ago 2667 Views No comments

Following a successful year for the award winning Doxy, the national and international acclaim has pushed the brand to new heights, spurring on the release of a follow-up product, the Doxy Skittle.

Keen to expand on the blossoming relationship with the UK manufacturer, Net 1on1 Wholesale will be adding the Doxy Skittle to their sales catalogue at a key time when retailers will be starting to think about their Christmas purchasing strategy.

The Doxy Skittle is a powerful, mains powered vibrator much like its predecessor but with a notable change in design direction, making the Skittle a universal pleasure product. Named 'Skittle' due to its likeness to a bowling pin, this product is unlike most sex toys which are marketed to a specific target market, the Skittle "moves beyond such gender-binary notions and offers pleasure to people, however you identify and regardless of relationship status", offering a unique design that can be positioned at a much wider consumer audience.

The Doxy Skittle has a wired, 3-button control pad on an extra-long 12 foot (4m) lead, which delivers both constant and escalating vibrations to the same levels that the previous Doxy wand delivered before it, and is made from body-safe, non-porous silicone and ABS plastic.

Uses for the Skittle include: external massager, clitoral and internal vibrator, with the appeal of stimulating both vaginally and anally too.

Buyer Danielle Warn for Net1on1 says,

"The Doxy wand has been a best seller for us to date, so the move to take on the Skittle was a common sense step for us really. The product is as well made and powerful as the previous one and William should definitely be proud of how far the brand has come over the past year. Obviously it's great for us to stock award winning products but we're also really pleased and keen to be able to support our manufacturers. The Skittle will definitely be a key item in our Christmas category and we look forward to seeing the same demand for the Skittle as we did for the Doxy wand!"

William Garland, Director of CMG Leisure Ltd also added,

"We have been very fortunate to have partnered with Net1on1 with the Doxy Wand Massager both in Europe and the UK over the last two years. And now as we launch our second product, the Doxy Skittle, we are looking forward to building on the success we have enjoyed together. Net1on1 is a fantastic company to work with - engendering a family ethos coupled with invaluable experience within the industry and great relationships with retailers."

The Doxy Skittle will be available to order from Net 1on1 Wholesale from the beginning of September. Please contact the sales team for details on: 01727 830280.

Net 1on1 Offers Take-Away Pleasure With The Arrival Of Happy Lola

By Emma Podmore 4 years ago 1222 Views No comments

In an exciting move to bring the Happy Lola brand to the UK market, Net 1on1 Wholesale are named official Distributor as the new range of products brings some Spanish heat to British shores.

The 'Take Away Love' collection from Happy Lola is positioned as a "fun and naughty range of affordable products in packaging ready to take away and enjoy", with each of the products meticulously packaged similarly to take away food items. The choice in packaging design aims to simulate the feeling of consuming a product on-the-go, in this instance, a pleasure product. This unusual style of presenting sex toys and erotic accessories sets Happy Lola aside from other collections on the market, offering a modern, fresh look for boutique websites and high street stores alike.

Danielle Warn, Head Buyer at Net 1on1 Wholesale says,

"Happy Lola is a uniquely presented brand that really stands out from the rest of our catalogue visually. There's a great balance of pleasure wear and toys, all with excellent quality, for instance the Flogging Paddle is made from 100% leather so offers our customers excellent value for money too. The brand is also very accessible for the mainstream market, so we're confident that Happy Lola will be popular with a broad range of our customers."

The collection features seventeen unique products, including pasties, body straps, mask, bondage restraints, body stocking, paddle, love dice, cock ring, vibrators, door hangers, and fantasy chequebook. Each item arrives individually packaged and features illustrations by renowned Spanish artist, Manuel Rebollo.

Sebastian Gonzalez, Sales Manager also adds,

"We get a fair amount of feedback from new and existing customers, looking to stock their boutique-style business with high quality products and we feel that this where Happy Lola really slots into the demand perfectly. The branding is modern, yet provocative and the packaging will sell well not only offline but online too."

Happy Lola will be availble to order from Net 1on1 Wholesale from the begining of August, with additional POS options also available for stores including display units and counter-top displays.

Please contact the sales team for details on: 01727 744369.