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By Tony Gonzalez 3 years ago 1164 Views No comments


As you may or may not be aware the Government is rushing through new legislation that will ban Aromas under the Psychoactive Substances Act . The act is expected to come into force on April 2016 and will be enforced by Trading Standards Officers, the MHRA and the Police. The act will criminalise the sale of Aromas, so anybody caught selling Aromas, face having their stock confiscated, being prosecuted, issued with a hefty fine but even worse, potentially a maximum sentence of up to 7 years in prison! There is some lobbying going on by manufacturers, suppliers and retailers to try an get Aromas to be exempt from the Act. Scientists have stated that aromas do not have a psychoactive effect but rather a physiological effect and therefore should not be classed as illegal. Due to pressure from the ACMD (Advisory Council On The Misuse Of Drugs) there is a review which is scheduled to be carried out in the Summer. The hope is, that Aromas will be excluded from the act.

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