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Top 5 Sex Toy Trends to Look Out For In 2017

By Tony Gonzalez 2 months ago 507 Views No comments

The adult pleasure product industry has an exciting time ahead. Recent advances in tech have allowed products and the way they are brought to market to change drastically for the better. We’ve predicted how this will evolve in 2017, and what we can look forward to as the outcome.

Making a Buzz – 5 Stories About Sex Toys that Made the Headlines in October

By Tony Gonzalez 3 months ago 423 Views No comments

October 2016 saw the press flooded with stories about sex toys, from the hilarious to the horrifying , and we’ve selected 5 of our favourites for you to enjoy.

8 Quotes About Sex & Masturbation to use in Your Marketing

By Tony Gonzalez 4 months ago 1127 Views No comments

We’ve created the following 8 images, featuring fantastic quotes and statements on sex and masturbation for you to work into your marketing material. A little bit of fun mixed with a little bit of filth to entertain your audience.

VR Set to Rock the Adult Industry, Be the One Who Rocks the UK with it!

By Lili Hornyai 4 months ago 307 Views No comments

Still hesitating if sex toys paired with virtual reality headsets worth the hype? Sceptical of the sales potential of teledildonics? Firmly believe that VR porn will never match IRL porn? Hear us out!

5 Top Reasons to Start Your Own Adult E-commerce Store Today

By Tony Gonzalez 5 months ago 1532 Views No comments

Budding entrepreneur? Here are 5 great reasons to start your own online sex toy shop.

On the Versatility of Sex Toys

By Lili Hornyai 6 months ago 1648 Views No comments

Have you ever thought about all the different ways a sex toy can be used? No, for once we are not talking about revolutionary toys like the Lingox Triple that you can use to pleasure yourself and someone else at the same time (masturbator & dildo in one). We are not even talking about the award winning Doxy Massager that you can use either as a sport massager or as a clitoral stimulator to the same end-goal of stress relief. No, we are talking about the versatility of sex toys in non-sexual situations, and here are 4 inspiring examples.

Summer Loving - 8 Top Sex Toys to Promote to Jet Set Lovers

By Tony Gonzalez 6 months ago 828 Views No comments

As holiday makers flee the drab British summer, get them inspired to add a little extra fun to their holiday with our 8 top travel toy recommendations.

5 of the Hottest Trends at the ETO Show 2016

By Tony Gonzalez 7 months ago 1167 Views No comments

June is always a big month for us, and a lot of that can be put down to the ETO Show. This year was no exception and we took the opportunity to catch up with our suppliers and customers as well as bring something new to the stand that everyone would love. Our (award winning) stand was a hive of activity throughout the 2 days, with people drawn to the fantastic and exciting range of new products we had available. Let’s take a look at what visitors were most excited by at this year’s show.

You're BOUND to love our new range of bondage products...

By Tony Gonzalez 7 months ago 574 Views No comments

We are set to grab the bondage accessories market by the leash with our new range: BOUND, a thrilling brand of professional leather gear for serious subs, masters and mistresses.

The new line is the latest addition to our established Loving Joy brand and is designed for serious dominants, submissives and those wanting to take bondage to the next level.

Available to purchase now from our website, BOUND features leather products that are soft and padded for comfort, but sturdy for advanced and lengthy play, including high-quality crops, blindfolds, leashes, hog ties, ball gags, paddles, floggers, collars, ankle cuffs and wrist cuffs.

Getting Smart: An Introduction to Svakom Products

By Tony Gonzalez 8 months ago 498 Views No comments

We recently secured a deal to become the official UK distributor of Svakom, the US brand of premium intelligent sex toys. The new range is the latest addition to our offering of high-tech products. Get smart by learning about this exciting new luxury range with our introduction.